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Oracle PPM Invoice Format

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Contract Project Invoice Format

· An Invoice Format defines the Invoice line detail, how the invoice can be printed though Project Contract.

· The format can be free text or the fix format and can be different for Labor, Non-Labor and for Events.

· The Invoice Format can be for the Internal Customer to manage the inter-company and the Inter Project or can be for the External Customer or for both.

· You can define as many invoice formats as you need for different types of projects or organisations.

· The Invoice can be formatted with following elements:

Þ Format type

Þ From and to dates

Þ Grouping option

Þ Customer or internal invoice option

Þ Fixed format

Þ Start and end position

Þ Text column

o Format Type: Basically, this is for controlling which Invoice need to be formatted, Labour, Non-Labour or Event. This is based on the Invoice Type.

o From and to dates: The Dates for the Format to fix. You can end date the Format to use any new Format for the upcoming Invoices

o Grouping Options: The Grouping basically defines what to be grouped for the invoice for example the Contract Line, Project Detail etc.

o Customer or internal invoice option: The details based on the customer requirement can be pulled. For Internal Customers of the Intercompany and Interproject Invoice format to brief the cross charge. All the Internal Invoice by default have the Fixed Format. A single invoice format can support both customer and internal invoices, the list of values for the Field Name only includes those values that are shared by the two formats.

o Fixed Format: A fixed format prohibits distributions from being moved to other invoice lines. Intercompany and interproject invoices must have a fixed format.

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